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Beartracker's Animal Tracks Den


Beartracker, also known as Kim A. Cabrera, is interested in both animal and SAR (Search and Rescue ) tracking.  She is a charter member of the International Society of Professional Trackers.  When you explore this site, you will find information on animals and their tracks, as well as links to Kim's favorite tracking sites. 

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Wildlife Tracking in North America


Mark Elbroch, author of this site, is the author of Bird Tracks and Signs and Mammal Tracks & Signs. Wildlifetrackers.com provides a venue from which to foster and promote the application of animal tracking skills in North America and beyond. Animal tracking has purpose in the varied applications of wildlife research and monitoring, ecotourism, anti-poaching, and hunting.  This site provides extensive resources and links.


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CyberTracker Conservation is a non-profit organisation whose mission is to promote the development of a worldwide environmental monitoring network.  CyberTracker software has been downloaded more than 25 000 times in more than 50 countries. 

Climate change, pollution, habitat destruction and loss of biodiversity may have serious impacts on human welfare.  To anticipate and prevent negative impacts will require ongoing long-term monitoring of all aspects of the environment. Our vision is to improve environmental monitoring to conserve biodiversity. CyberTracker is also being used in education, organic farming, social surveys and disaster relief.

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A Naturalist's World


A Naturalist`s World is dedicated to providing educational programs and materials
about natural history and ecology. Classes include tracking, carnivore ecology,
wildlife observation, rare species, northern lights,
and winter ecology.

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Wildwood Survival


"The Wildwood Survival website contains information on wilderness survival skills, tracking and nature, from the viewpoint of the ancient philosophy of living in harmony with the Earth, which is what might be called "wilderness mind".

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Wildwood Tracking



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Native Technology


An internet resource for indigenous ethno-technology focusing on the arts of Eastern Woodland Indian Peoples, providing historical & contemporary background with instructional how-to's & references.

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last updated on September 10, 2015